Pleated for Peace - Deadstock
Pleated for Peace - Deadstock

Pleated for Peace - Deadstock

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The Pleated for Peace early 60's frock is made from an off-white sateen/cotton true 50's/60's dress with the Orbach's tag still attached on the inside. The tag reads "size 20" but is more likely a modern 12/14 and with the belt could be cinched smaller if needed. 

There are three pin-size dirt spots on the front that should come out easily in the wash or at the dry cleaner. It happen at a show when a rack fell over. Also a few stray threads are peaking out at the buttons.

If you use this in the washer, try the gentle cycle with no bleach and hang it to dry. Because the edges are not professionally finished like you would see in post 1970's clothing or French clothing, you may see some fraying on the fabric edges on the inside. To prevent it, you can designate this dry clean only.

Measurements (Approximate):

Bust - 42"

Waist - 34"

Belt - 38"

Length - 45"